At Habitarmonia Ecosystem, we're all about collaboration and breaking down silos. That's why we've assembled an incredible team of AMBASSADORS, each a seasoned professional in their respective design department. Our ambassadors serve as the bridge between different areas of expertise, fostering unity and ensuring a holistic approach to well-being-driven design.


Our Ambassadors, a global collective of individuals with diverse origins, each possesses a unique skill set that enriches our ecosystem. From the intricacies of sensory design to the profound realms of environmental psychology, neuroarchitecture, and biophilic design, their expertise is vast and varied. Beyond this, our Ambassadors boast diverse backgrounds in regeneration, neuro-landscaping, mental well-being, education design, workplace design, city design, hospitality design, residential design, and more. Their collective wealth of knowledge and experience forms the vibrant heartbeat of our community, driving the Wellbeing Design Revolution forward with passion and creativity.


They are here to guide, inspire, and facilitate connections among our members. Together, we're redefining design excellence and creating spaces that elevate well-being, sustainability, and balance.