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About Nuria, the Founder

Hi, I’m Nuria,

“I find nature is the Master Teacher of beauty and harmony as well as the key to our health and happiness"

My Story:

I am originally from the enchanting Basque Country, but my life's journey led me to call Belgium home for over two decades. During that time, I donned multiple hats – I was a business owner, overseeing fashion retail stores across Belgium. I was a trainer, an educator, a consultant, and a designer. But what truly set my soul on fire was the art of crafting spaces that not only exuded visual brilliance but also radiated an overwhelming sense of well-being.

In the past year, I've embarked on a path that resonates deeply with my heart and soul – an unwavering advocacy for Biophilic design and Well-being design. I ardently believe that these principles should be the bedrock of every designer's toolkit, guiding the creation of environments that enrich our lives.

Advocating for Biophilic Design and Well-being:

My recent relocation to the captivating city of Valencia marked a pivotal chapter in my journey. It was a transition that allowed me to fully embrace my passion for shaping spaces that harmonize with nature and elevate well-being.

This transformative journey started with a profound realization – the spaces we inhabit wield a profound impact on our lives. They should extend beyond mere aesthetics; they should become havens that nurture our spirits, promote health, and tether us to the natural world. This awakening ignited a fervor within me to champion a design ethos that champions biophilia and well-being.

My Multi-Faceted Roles:

Over the past year, I've taken on a multitude of roles, each enriching and fulfilling in its own right. As a business owner, I commanded fashion retail establishments throughout Belgium, navigating the dynamic landscapes of fashion and entrepreneurship. It was an arena where I honed my prowess in management, strategy, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

But I didn't stop there. I also stepped into the shoes of a trainer and educator, imparting my knowledge to kindred spirits who shared my passion for design and well-being. These roles allowed me to give back to the community, empowering others to craft spaces that authentically resonate with the human essence.

As a consultant, I immersed myself in diverse projects, offering insights and expertise to those eager to infuse biophilic design and well-being principles into their creations. It was an opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, helping others transform these concepts into tangible, transformative spaces.

And let's not forget my roots as a designer. My innate love for crafting spaces that embody harmony, nature, and well-being has been a lifelong calling. It's this fervor that propels me to advocate for biophilic design and well-being as indispensable elements of every designer's arsenal.

The Mission Ahead:

Now, as I find myself in Valencia, my dedication to this cause has deepened. The world of design confronts profound challenges, from the rising tide of stress and mental health concerns to the pressing imperative of addressing climate change. This realization fuels my fervor and compels me to advocate and disseminate these principles within the design community.

I harbor an undeniable urge and an insatiable need to disseminate these tools and methodologies for creating spaces that are conducive to our well-being and sustainable for our planet. Hence, the inception of Habitarmonia Academy, in collaboration with the platform "Habitarmonia Ecosystem: The Global Community Advancing Wellbeing-Driven Design in the Living Spaces."

Our mission is elegantly simple, yet profoundly meaningful: to empower individuals like you with the knowledge and skills to craft spaces that inspire holistic well-being for people and the planet. We're here to guide you towards a future where design is a formidable force for good, promoting well-being and sustainability. Together, we can sculpt a brighter and healthier future, one thoughtfully designed space at a time.


 “Interior design can upgrade safety, boost mood, improve relationships, and increase the value of our largest investment, our home or business, and how we think, feel and behave within the space.”






Meet Your Trainers and Facilitators Ilse and Dominique

Both  Ilse Baan, and Dominique Gentillon, together with Nuria Muñoz, are experienced Biophilic Designers, trainers, and facilitators at Habitarmonia Academy.



Ilse Baan

Ilse Baan is a creative thinker, designer and trainer io. She likes to think big and in possibilities to make things better for humanity and the planet.

As a professional designer, she has been active for over 15 years. Creativity, through design in the built environment with the principles of Biophilic Design, makes the world a little more beautiful. It changes the streetscape, homes and offices for the better. Above all, she likes to approach everything holistically. By looking at things, perceiving with all the senses and being aware of the thoughts about them, the connections become clear. Because everything is connected and has influence.

From the belief that we as humans have healthier and more enjoyable lives in and with nature, she and her partner are setting up a 'Naturehood'. In it they want to show what possibilities there are to live together with nature, together with people. "We are guests in nature and feel responsible for it. From nature we then receive a healthy living environment, food and energy."

Dominique Gentillon

A nomad's spirit guides Dominique, who has crafted 15 years of design experience across Chile, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Fueled by a deep love for nature and a passion for travel, she finds endless inspiration in diverse cultures and their evolving expressions in living spaces. Dominique certainly embraces the principles of Biophilic Design, bringing nature's tranquility indoors.

Her mission as a wellbeing designer is to re-connect people with nature in their living spaces. Driven by the belief that we all deserve to re-connect with our roots and live and work in happy, sensory-rich environments, Dominique uses holistic techniques to craft personalized spaces that nurture all aspects of well-being. As a biophilic trainer io, she empowers and help others to create their own harmonious havens.

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