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Step into the vibrant embrace of the Habitarmonia Ecosystem, where the intertwining of well-being and design illuminates the path to a brighter tomorrow.
Beyond being merely a platform, we are a dynamic community pulsating with passion and purpose, committed to soaring heights of well-being through unparalleled design excellence. Embark with us on this extraordinary journey of transformation, where every step forward resonates with the promise of a future where wellness and design harmonize seamlessly. Join us and become part of a collective force shaping a world where every space radiates with the warmth of well-being and the brilliance of design innovation.

Design Challenges in a Changing World

In today's dynamic world, design professionals face unprecedented challenges in creating spaces that prioritize well-being, sustainability, and nature connection. Many work in isolated silos, lacking the holistic approach needed to truly promote health and wellness.

Complex Design Challenges:

Design professionals encounter unprecedented challenges in creating living spaces that prioritize well-being, sustainability, and connection with nature. These challenges may include integrating diverse elements such as biophilic design principles, sustainable materials, and environmental considerations into the design process, which can be complex and multifaceted.

Isolated Silos:

Many design professionals work in isolated silos, meaning they operate within their specific discipline or expertise without collaborating with professionals from other fields. This siloed approach hinders the holistic integration of various design elements necessary to address modern design challenges effectively. Without cross-disciplinary collaboration, professionals may miss opportunities to create spaces that truly promote health, well-being, and sustainability.

Lack of Holistic Approach:

The statement highlights a lack of holistic approach among design professionals in addressing design challenges related to well-being, sustainability, and connection with nature. Without considering the interconnectedness of these elements, professionals may focus on individual aspects of design without fully understanding their impact on the overall well-being and sustainability of the space. This fragmented approach can result in designs that fail to meet the needs of occupants or adequately address environmental concerns.

Biophilic Design courses

 At Habitarmonia Ecosystem, we're more than just a platform. We're a dynamic community dedicated to elevating well-being through design excellence.  

Join us in this transformative journey where we bridge the gap between different design disciplines, fostering collaboration and unity to address modern design challenges. Our ecosystem offers:

Unlimited Knowledge

Access a growing library of design resources, insights, and courses

Collaborative Hub


Connect and collaborate with like-minded professionals

Exclusive Insights


Gain exclusive insights and insider tips from top industry professionals to elevate your design practice.

Wellbeing Transformation

Design spaces that prioritize well-being, sustainability, and balance


At Habitarmonia Academy, we're on a mission to use design superpowers to create value for people, society, and the environment. We're guided by principles like unity, connection, inclusivity, and change alignment. Our goal is to unite visionary design professionals who want to create spaces that go beyond the ordinary.


We're all about teamwork. We believe in a holistic approach to design that enriches lives and communities. We're on a mission to create spaces that bridge the gap between humans and nature, inspiring deep connections and a sense of belonging.


Sustainability is our compass. We're champions of eco-conscious design in every aspect. We're setting new standards for sustainable living and embracing thriving ecosystems to make a lasting, positive impact on our planet.


We're educators and advocates, sparking a global movement of change-makers. Our academy is a treasure trove of knowledge, guiding individuals to unlock the transformative potential of design. Our mission is clear: we want design to be a catalyst for harmony, connection, and well-being on a global scale.

Challenges in Modern Design


In today's rapidly changing world, our living spaces face unprecedented challenges. From environmental sustainability to holistic well-being, the need for thoughtful, purposeful design has never been greater.


How We Address It

That's where Habitarmonia Academy and Ecosystem step in. We see these challenges and are here to equip design professionals like you with the know-how to turn spaces into havens of balance, beauty, and well-being.


 So, why do we do this? 

But there's a significant issue at hand. Many design professionals often find themselves working in isolated silos, each armed with a unique set of tools and knowledge. It's as if the key to creating spaces that truly promote health and well-being is scattered across various disciplines and locked away in individual experiences. This fragmentation prevents the holistic approach we desperately need.


Because we deeply believe that design isn't just about making things look good; it's about shaping our lives. Our passion is all about using design to create spaces that boost well-being, foster connections, and promote sustainability. Through our courses and our welcoming community, we want to empower professionals like you to be changemakers in the design world. Together, we're rewriting the design story, making the world brighter, healthier, and more harmonious for everyone

Ready to unlock your design superpowers, connect with visionaries, and transform lives through well-being-driven design?

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Meet Our Ambassador Team

At Habitarmonia Ecosystem, we're all about collaboration and breaking down silos. That's why we've assembled an incredible team of ambassadors, each a seasoned professional in their respective design department. Our ambassadors serve as the bridge between different areas of expertise, fostering unity and ensuring a holistic approach to well-being-driven design.

With diverse backgrounds in sensory design, regeneration, environmental psychology, neuroarchitecture, biophilic design neuro-landscaping, mental well-being, education-design, workplace design, city design, hospitality designresidential design, and more, our ambassadors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our vibrant community.

They are here to guide, inspire, and facilitate connections among our members. Together, we're redefining design excellence and creating spaces that elevate well-being, sustainability, and balance.

Join our ecosystem today and tap into the collective wisdom of our amazing ambassador team. Let's transform the world of design together!

This addition highlights your commitment to collaboration and unity, making it clear that your ecosystem is a place where professionals from various design disciplines come together to create holistic and well-rounded solutions.

Please keep in mind that this is just a small glimpse of our total group of collaborators and ambassadors. I warmly encourage you to explore the impressive community of our dedicated and accomplished ambassadors


" This platform is a lifeline and a treasure trove for those aspiring to become biophilic design professionals. What truly moves me is not only the abundance of enriching content and enlightening webinars but also the safe haven it provides to address the everyday hurdles we face in our design journey. It's a space where challenges transform into opportunities, empowering us to transcend boundaries and bring our projects to life in ways we never imagined."

Catalina Zabala
Certified Biophilic Designer / Interiors & Homes Well-being Expert / Former AI fashion and home solutions

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