Designing for Well-Being with Biophilic Design:

Transforming Spaces, Enhancing Lives

Unlock Your Design Superpowers, Elevate Your Career, Delight Your Clients, and Make a Lasting Impact with Biophilic Design Mastery

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Are you a passionate architect, landscaper, interior designer, or a professional or an enthusiast in sustainable interiors, urban eco-designer, or someone with a profound call for a deeper connection with nature in your profession?

Do you yearn to make a profound impact in our ever-evolving world? It's only natural to feel the urgency of our times. The weight of responsibility rests on our shoulders as we witness the Earth groaning under the weight of resource depletion.


Yet, in the midst of this, there is hope—a beacon of light that nature has honed over eons: Biophilic Design. It's a force that can transform our creations, infusing them with life, vitality, and purpose.

Imagine the satisfaction of not only meeting your clients' needs but surpassing them, of knowing that your creations will stand as a testament to your artistry for years, perhaps even centuries.

This is the heartbeat of Biophilic Design. It's not just a career choice; it's a calling. It's about crafting spaces that breathe, that resonate, that live.


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For professionals like you, it means:  

  • A Visionary Journey: Picture the transformative outcomes your business could achieve with the magic of Biophilic Design. Let's bring your vision to life.

  • Building Trust: We believe in nurturing trust, just like you do. We want you to feel secure in our relationship before we embark on this creative journey together.

  • Stories of Success: Imagine stories of clients who, like you, valued deep connections and reaped the rewards. We'll share examples of their inspiring journeys, revealing the features that mattered most to them.

  • Guidance, Not Overwhelm: We won't bombard you with information. Instead, we'll be your trusted advisor, guiding you through every step of the decision-making process.

  • Personal Commitment: Your peace of mind matters to us. We're so committed to your satisfaction that we offer personal guarantees, assuaging any anxieties you might have.


Now, let's reflect on the wide array of clients who can benefit from this transformation—

Imagine homeowners seeking tranquility, students yearning for inspiring learning environments, dedicated school directors shaping the future, workers desiring productivity and well-being, real estate professionals envisioning vibrant spaces, and project leaders driving innovation and sustainability.

Imagine living, working, and thriving in spaces designed with your customers in mind, where every element serves a higher purpose. These spaces are more than structures; they're sanctuaries of well-being. For your customer, this means:

  • Enhanced Well-Being: Experience spaces designed for physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Timeless Beauty: Live and work in spaces that are not just beautiful but also enduring, leaving a legacy for future generations.
  • Meaningful Environments: Thrive in spaces where every element serves a higher purpose, creating a deeper connection.
  • Positive Impact: Enjoy spaces that positively affect your health, productivity, and overall quality of life.


  • Together, let's embark on a creative journey that not only speaks to your professional aspirations but also resonates with your personal values and emotions. We'll create spaces that breathe life and meaning into your projects, leaving a lasting impact on those who inhabit them.


This is for you, the design professional who seeks a better connection with your customers, a profound understanding of each unique situation, and the ability to co-create tailor-made solutions that nurture lasting well-being in the environments of both your clients and yourself. You're also driven by the desire to innovate, creating new avenues of income with a meaningful purpose.

Currently, 99% of built environment  designers are not promoting health and well-being in their projects


What if we tell you that...

You can be that 1% that creates a niche in the market that will attract new clients by rethinking design from scratch. What if we tell you that there is a way to create healthier and happier environments for your customers, and at the same time become part of the global movement of designing for well-being?
What if we give you the opportunity to build a set of well-being tools for your future projects and ...


This 12-week group course at Habitarmonia Academy offers a harmonious blend of an online course and 12 personalized mentoring sessions led by the esteemed Biophilic Design Expert, Nuria Muñoz and the Trainers and Facilitators Team.

Throughout this transformative course, you will delve into the essential steps required for crafting health and well-being-focused projects, meticulously aligning with the latest international standards in the field. You will be empowered to craft projects that not only reflect the best in design but also serve as nurturing sanctuaries for both humans and our cherished Mother Nature.

Your journey commences with a deep dive into human-centered design thinking, where you will acquire the expertise needed to seamlessly integrate Biophilic Design into your projects. This, in turn, will elevate your customers' well-being and establish a profound connection to the natural world.

Imagine crafting homes that radiate warmth, inviting your customers to lead lives of happiness and health with their beloved ones in spaces suffused with serenity and natural grace. Picture creating offices that breathe with productivity and positivity, where each corner becomes an oasis of innovation and collaboration. Envision educational spaces that buzz with curiosity and creativity, nurturing young minds amidst environments teeming with the wonders of nature.

This course empowers you to sculpt such captivating spaces that leave an indelible mark on those who inhabit them

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Why trust me to guide you on this transformative journey?

 I'm Nuria Muñoz, a dedicated designer with a wealth of experience in creating spaces that resonate with well-being and vitality. My journey has led me through the very paths you now tread, allowing me to deeply understand your aspirations and the importance of forging connections with your clients.

As an International Award-Winning Well-being Interior Designer, I've traversed the realms of design with a focus on enhancing life through Biophilic principles. My work has been recognized and celebrated, even reaching the finalist stage in Europe for Biophilic Design excellence. This isn't just my profession; it's my passion.

You don't have to embark on this journey alone. I'm here to personally guide you every step of the way. Together, we'll start by unraveling the 'why' and 'how' of Biophilic Design and why it's crucial to prioritize health and well-being in our designs today.

Through a structured video course and our weekly group mentoring sessions, you'll gain an intimate understanding of the fundamental principles of Biophilic Design. You'll uncover the transformative potential of connecting with nature, all while crafting your own customized toolkit to elevate the well-being of your valued customers.

I'm Nuria Muñoz, and I'm committed to helping you achieve your goals. Let's embark on this inspiring journey to enhance lives and spaces, driven by our shared passion for design and well-being.   -  Nuria Muñoz Arce

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Meet Your Trainers and Facilitators Ilse and Dominique

This course is co-facilitated by Ilse Baan, and Dominique Gentillon, together with Nuria Muñoz, experienced biophilic designers.
Both have participated in and obtained certification from this course. Additionally, they have completed the nine-month-long Train the Trainer Certification program led by Nuria Muñoz. They bring their expertise and knowledge to deliver the core modules and teachings, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience in biophilic design.


Ilse Baan

Ilse Baan is a creative thinker, designer and trainer io. She likes to think big and in possibilities to make things better for humanity and the planet.

As a professional designer, she has been active for over 15 years. Creativity, through design in the built environment with the principles of Biophilic Design, makes the world a little more beautiful. It changes the streetscape, homes and offices for the better. Above all, she likes to approach everything holistically. By looking at things, perceiving with all the senses and being aware of the thoughts about them, the connections become clear. Because everything is connected and has influence.

From the belief that we as humans have healthier and more enjoyable lives in and with nature, she and her partner are setting up a 'Naturehood'. In it they want to show what possibilities there are to live together with nature, together with people. "We are guests in nature and feel responsible for it. From nature we then receive a healthy living environment, food and energy."

Biophilic designer

Dominique Gentillon

A nomad's spirit guides Dominique, who has crafted 15 years of design experience across Chile, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Fueled by a deep love for nature and a passion for travel, she finds endless inspiration in diverse cultures and their evolving expressions in living spaces. Dominique certainly embraces the principles of Biophilic Design, bringing nature's tranquility indoors.

Her mission as a wellbeing designer is to re-connect people with nature in their living spaces. Driven by the belief that we all deserve to re-connect with our roots and live and work in happy, sensory-rich environments, Dominique uses holistic techniques to craft personalized spaces that nurture all aspects of well-being. As a biophilic trainer io, she empowers and help others to create their own harmonious havens.


But, what do others think of this course?

ILSE BAAN - Ili Style The Netherlands

Nature's Inspiring Influence

Nature can offer us so much — a place to rest, recharge with energy, or simply find solace. It's the sensation of being surrounded by natural beauty, like the gentle rustling of leaves by the sea, the soothing fragrance in the air, and the rhythmic flow of water lapping the shore.

When I discovered Nuria's course on Wellbeing Design with Biophilic Design, it struck a chord deep within me. I realized that I needed to embrace this approach to bring more of nature's essence into my interior design projects. The goal was clear: to create spaces where people could truly connect with the natural world, whether it's in their homes or offices. I wanted them to experience the same sense of tranquility and rejuvenation that nature provides, knowing that it would enhance their well-being and productivity.

This course was my opportunity to learn how to make this vision a reality. Nuria's detailed guidance illuminated the path to incorporate these principles into my designs and share them with my clients. As I reflect on my journey, it's incredible to see the impact. Over the past three years, I've witnessed the awe and delight in my clients' faces as they experience the magic of natural materials and well-crafted lighting. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about understanding the unique needs and preferences of each client.

I'm thrilled that I took this transformative step in my career. Biophilic design has become an integral part of my interior design projects, and the results speak for themselves. I wholeheartedly recommend that fellow professionals consider adding this approach to their work. It's more than design; it's about creating environments that nurture the soul and elevate the human experience.


Dominique Gentillon - Studio Nalca

A Transformative Journey!
“Thanks” to the pandemic and the isolation I had the urge to nature like never before and I came across Biophilic Design. I enrolled in Habitarmonia Academy’s courses and everything just clicked and all came into place!
It helped me reignite my passion for interior design and create spaces that transcend aesthetics, spaces that truly resonate with the human spirit.
This course opened my eyes to the profound connection between nature and design, and how it can elevate our spaces to be more than just visually appealing; they can be sources of nourishment for the soul.
In my work, I´ve embraced a new approach. Natural elements like abundant sunlight, indoor plants, and sustainable materials have become part of my design principles. This course has enabled me to go beyond just being an interior designer; I´ve become a well-being designer: a creator of beautiful spaces and environments that nurture the human spirit, are healthy, feel good, and are also thoughtful with our planet.
The impact on my clients has also been remarkable. They express a deeper sense of comfort, peace, and connection with their environments. Many have reported increased productivity and improved overall well-being in their newly designed spaces.
In my personal life, I now see the world through a different lens. I´m more attuned to the beauty of nature, from the dappled sunlight on leaves to the soothing sounds of flowing water. I´ve discovered that our surroundings have a profound impact on our emotions and well-being, and I´ve learned how to harness that power.
This course has not only revitalized my career but has also rekindled my passion for interior design. It has given me a profound sense of purpose in my work and life, and I couldn´t be more grateful for the transformative journey it has set me on!


Barbara Doms - BD Home Design / Feel Unique at Home


When I was studying interior design back in the day, I received a lot of information, but mostly technical, factual information. Deep down, I knew that the interior where we live has a significant impact on our personality, mood, development, and so much more. During the training, this was hardly ever discussed. I felt a lack of depth among all the practical solutions in the world of interior design.

At one point, Nuria came into my life. She told me about the content of a course she had written on how to design an interior where design, nature, and well-being are central. This intrigued me immensely, and I started the course. It was amazing; everything fell into place. There indeed is a way to discover what you need personally in your interior, combined with our source: nature! We can use our nature as inspiration, as a foundation when designing interiors that make us happy, where we can find peace and harmony, where we can grow, where we can heal, and especially where we can be ourselves.

Think about the feeling you get when you return from a walk in the woods or a park nearby after a stressful day at work. This course made me realize that we should respect our origins (think about prehistoric times) and appreciate what nature can offer us. It's about more than just plants.

For already ten years, I've had my own window decoration business. After taking this course, I delved into the story of using and applying natural, sustainable fabrics and materials. This made me realize that we know too little about how the fabrics we use to make curtains are treated before we hang them in our homes, consider chemical dyeing, for instance. This course has set me on a path where I can contribute to nature and also to the health of my fellow human beings. I want to make all interior designers aware of the sustainable and ecologically sound solutions in the world of window decoration. In this way, we can keep interiors healthy and surround ourselves with elements from nature


Course Investment: 2.750€

We completely understand the significance of making a well-informed investment in your career, especially when it comes to your passion for creating spaces that truly resonate with well-being. Let us show you what this course offers, including the remarkable added values:


* Guidance from a Caring Expert: You'll enjoy exclusive access to 10 weeks of personalized mentoring sessions with Nuria Muñoz, a true expert in Biophilic Design. Her experience and accolades reflect her deep commitment to your growth.

* Worldwide Standards: Delve into the latest international standards and trends in Biophilic Design, and discover how they can give you a notable advantage in the industry.

* Tailored Toolkit: Develop your own toolkit, precisely tailored to enhance the health and well-being of your clients. This toolkit isn't just about theory; it's practical, and designed to help you create tangible improvements in your projects.

* Award-Winning Insights: Nuria Muñoz is an award-winning professional who deeply cares about your journey. Her expertise is your invaluable resource.

* A Supportive Creative Network: Join a warm community of like-minded professionals, architects, designers, and innovators who share your passion for designing spaces that elevate well-being and connect with nature.

* Real-Life Success Stories: Immerse yourself in real-life case studies that demonstrate the transformative potential of Biophilic Design. These stories aren't just inspiring; they're templates for the beautiful projects you can undertake.

* Personalized Mentorship: Nuria Muñoz will personally guide you through the 'why' and 'how' of Biophilic Design. Her caring approach ensures you understand how this knowledge can genuinely enhance your projects and your clients' lives.

* A Legacy of Well-Being: This course is not just about honing your skills; it's about leaving a legacy through spaces that nurture well-being and a connection to the natural world. Your work will be a testament to your caring spirit.

* Niche Recognition: By mastering Biophilic Design, you'll carve out a unique niche for yourself in the design world, where your caring expertise is cherished. This recognition empowers you to ask for the fees your work truly deserves.

We firmly believe that this course is not just an expense; it's an INVESTMENT in your FUTURE, your CAREER, and your ability to make a POSITIVE IMPACT on the world of design. Join us in this transformative journey, where the value you receive far surpasses the investment you make.
Are you ready to embark on this enriching path to Biophilic Design mastery, establish yourself as a niche expert, and unlock the potential for better projects and higher income? Invest in yourself and your passion today, and let's embark on this caring journey together.


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What to expect?

This course consists of 3 parts:  
PART 1: the
11-module Online Course and 12 mentoring sessions

Clients seeking consultation for well-being design projects will be deeply impressed by your ability to assess, strategize, and implement biophilic design principles, ensuring impactful and successful outcomes.

This transformative journey promises a profound understanding of Well-being Design and Biophilic Design, empowering you to craft spaces that prioritize well-being and deeply enrich lives.

PART 2: Guided Mentoring Sessions

Personalized Strategy Sessions: Our Zoom sessions commence with a deep exploration of your studio's unique offerings, providing a solid foundation for the transformative journey ahead.

Integrating Theory into Practice: Discover how to seamlessly infuse the wealth of knowledge from the modules into your own distinctive design business.

Empowering Your Practice: As we progress, you'll acquire the knowledge and skills needed to confidently integrate this transformational approach into your business model.

Supported Assignments: Each session dovetails with assignments from the online course, ensuring you're well-prepared to put your newfound wisdom into practice.

Inspiration and Insight: In every invaluable hour-long session, Nuria will provide expert guidance, clarify assignments, and share a wealth of inspiring knowledge.

Additionally, our course offers quizzes in some modules to reinforce learning, as well as abundant resources to supplement your studies. We also maintain communication via WhatsApp to provide ongoing support and facilitate discussion among participants. Furthermore, we organize special workshops focused on deepening your connection with nature, including meditation experiences, forest bathing sessions, and exercises designed to help you get lost in nature and reconnect with its healing powers. These workshops provide immersive experiences that complement your learning journey and offer practical ways to integrate biophilic principles into your designs. 

Additionally, we offer support on how to prepare yourself for the final project by mentoring you on effective communication as a biophilic designer. Through guidance and practice, we help you articulate your expertise and vision in biophilic design, empowering you to confidently present your ideas and solutions. 

This transformative expedition transcends mere education; it's a nurturing odyssey meticulously designed to empower you to craft spaces that profoundly enrich well-being. Open your heart to this journey, and together, we'll embark on a transformative path. 


PART 3: Final Project Presentation with Certification 


In Part 3 of our program, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your growth and expertise as a biophilic designer through a final project presentation. This culminating event will take place at the end of all the modules, allowing you to demonstrate your mastery of biophilic design principles and their application in real-world projects. 

During the final project presentation, you'll have the chance to present your project to your peers, instructors, and industry professionals. This presentation will serve as a platform for you to showcase your innovative ideas, creative solutions, and deep understanding of biophilic design concepts. 

As experts in the field, you'll communicate your vision, insights, and recommendations with clarity and confidence, demonstrating your ability to design spaces that prioritize human well-being, environmental sustainability, and connection to nature. 

Through this final project presentation, you'll not only solidify your understanding of biophilic design but also position yourself as a thought leader and advocate for incorporating nature into the built environment. It's an exciting opportunity to share your passion for biophilic design and inspire others to embrace its transformative potential. 

Upon successful completion of the course and final project presentation, you will receive a certification recognizing your achievement as a certified biophilic designer. This certification serves as a testament to your dedication, expertise, and commitment to creating spaces that enhance human well-being and connection to nature. 


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take a sneak peek at some slides from the course... 

Catalina Zabala

Certified Biophilic Designer / Interiors & Homes Well-being Expert 


If we want to leave a lasting positive legacy for future generations, the time for decisive action is now. You can secure a better future for everyone on this planet!