Do you want to create a space that talks about you and will elevate significantly your Well-being? 

Download this checklist, it will give you an overview of all the 15 elements you need to consider when creating or decorating a home or office.

It will provide you with the tools to check how to transform every space into a restorative and nurturing environment, where you will be healthier and happier! A place where you can get your energy back, recharge, relax, smile, and feel at ease.


Hello, My name is Nuria! 

I am a WELLBEING Interior designer, consultant, and educator.

I have made my mission to improve people's quality of life by reconnecting humans with nature and creating healthier and happier living and working environments. As a well-being interior designer, I dig deep into my client's personality and lifestyle to get a picture of what is important. This process allows me to create multi-sensory living and working spaces by applying the practices and science of biophilic design among others. After many years of experience in the Design industry and helping many clients, I have decided to guide you on how to create your own Home Oase.  

With this checklist, you will discover which elements you need when creating a nurturing space!

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