€150,00 EUR


Name: Habitarmonia Academy Ecosystem © - "Where Habitat and Harmony Unite: Explore, Create, Collaborate"

Cost of Platform Membership for STUDENTS: €150/year 

Unlock a world of possibilities in holistic design and well-being with a Habitarmonia Academy Collaboratorium membership!

How to Verify Student Status: To ensure that the student pricing is provided to eligible individuals, we kindly request proof of student status. Please follow these steps to verify your status and unlock the discounted access:

  1. Scan or take a clear photo of your valid student ID card.
  2. Send it to [email protected]

Our team will review your submission promptly, and once approved, you will gain access to the Ecosystem Platform at the discounted rate.

Membership Benefits:

  • Extensive Learning Materials: Access video lectures, presentations, course materials, and educational resources.

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced well-being design experts.

  • Dedicated Support: Get help from a support team.

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals.

  • Industry Insights: Stay updated with research and trends.

  • Exclusive Events: Attend workshops, masterclasses, and more.

  • Portfolio Showcase: Display your work in a dedicated section.

  • Career Support: Access job opportunities and mentorship.

  • Access to Premium Resources: Explore design libraries and databases.

  • Monthly Webinars: Learn from industry experts.

  • Inspiring Case Studies: Watch real-life projects promoting habitat and harmony.

  • Global Network: Collaborate with professionals worldwide.

  • Customized Learning: Tailor your education to your interests.

  • One-Year Membership: Full access for 12 months.

Join today and empower your holistic design journey with Habitarmonia Academy Ecosystem!

(MANDATORY SEND PROVE OF STUDENT ID to [email protected] If this requisite is not fulfilled we will decline the membership)